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The extraordinary selection of cars to be found in the Miguel de la Via-CMV Collection is above all, the result of excellence, expertise, means and great effort, applied to the task of creating an impressive collection of historical automobile icons as well as restoring to its present magnificence a grand architectural site.

Starting with the private collection, the search for additional pieces from Rolls Royce and other manufacturers has led to a collection of seventy-five vehicles from all corners of the world. The grand variety of the collection includes cars reminiscent of carriages, exclusive antique and classic models, luxury cars and elegant sports cars. The exhaustive search even led to the finding of a worn-down Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, bodied by the renowned coachbuilders Barker, in a hay barn!

Rolls Royce vehicles are found in such a wide variety of styles because almost all of the cars were sold as chassis, with the model number, and included the mechanics, radiator and hood. The buyer would then choose a master coachbuilder to finish the body. The exhibit includes pieces by renowned manufacturers such as Barker, H.J. Mulliner, Park Ward, Hooper, James Young or Freestone & Webb. The styling of the American version by Brewster and Mayfair, from the Springfield, Massachusetts shop, can also be seen.

All of the cars are in mint condition and perfect running order. Because of the brilliance of the shining chrome, hardwoods and bright paintwork it can be hard to appreciate the necessary and detailed restoration work done by skilled local mechanics on the cars which did not arrive in the best of condition.

Loizaga Tower has been open to the public since the nineties and has traditionally been an obligatory stop for auto clubs and enthusiasts who have shared their experiences on many different Internet forums. In April 1997, the Tower became the stage for an impressive meet-up of antique cars arriving on boat from the United Kingdom. During the inauguration of the event, members of the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club presented a plaque to Miguel de la Vía which declared him Honorary Member for Life in recognition of his work.

The collection is spread throughout six halls. The first hall includes luxurious pieces, which were the envy of royalty and celebrities at the turn of the 20th Century. It also includes some American models similar to the carriages and carts also on display. The second hall houses more modern and classic pieces highlighted by elegant convertible sports cars and a unique English fire truck. The third hall faces off fast sports cars with the first of the Rolls Royce to be seen in the exhibit. The next space spotlights the aesthetic and mechanical evolution of the British carmaker in a series of models from several decades.

The fifth hall houses a selective collection of Silver Ghost models as well as the spectacular Phantom Series including one of the most exclusive models in the world. The high point of the exhibit is to be found in the last hall, a brilliant collection of the first models of the Silver Ghost Series.

Each car has an informative plaque, which does not give in-depth technical or historical information, which can easily be found in other media. Instead, the purpose is to draw attention to these amazing inventions, letting the imagination delve into the stories behind these fascinating machines, witnesses to so many past lives.

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